Since 2004, the Weston Collegiate Alumni Foundation hosted various events to raise money for school needs that are not met by the school board. All proceeds from these fund raising efforts will be used to fund the necessities of the students. Items such as:

  • providing students with lunch or transit fares
  • computers for the computer labs
  • digital cameras for the photography department
  • musical instruments for the music department
  • the rebuilding of the football bleachers
  • helmets for the football team
  • the resurfacing of the tennis courts

We welcome suggestions and ideas for fund raising events such as reunions for WCI alumni in the future. Email us at

Next Event:

Weston Collegiate Alumni Foundation 160th Anniversary Volunteer Meeting
Thursday, January 19, 2017 2016 – 7 p.m.
Weston Collegiate – 100 Pine Street, Weston
All alumni welcome to attend.
For more info, please contact Lesley Ross at


Below are pictures from our 2004 Weston Alumni Golfing Event.